Friday, August 13, 2010

We interupt this Program...

... about the NIADA Conference and my dolls...for this important message of bringing art into everyday life.

Mark and I were out walking with our friends, Kathy and Ray (and little Cayman-doggie too), well...actually, we were headed up to the Little Man Ice Cream Shop.
Mark wanted to go look at this big pile of dirt on our way. As we walked up to the constructions site, we came across this fabulous fence surrounding the entire site...

SOoooo...How could I NOT mention this in my blog...
This is the first I have seen any of this type of thing- Yarn Bombing:
Yarn Bombing is an amusing form of artful anarchism. It's a bit of cockammamie crocheting and granny graffiti all rolled into one!
I can tell you this- As we rounded the corner and from afar I could see these bright cheerful flowers on the fence that went on for a couple of (city) blocks. It was a wonderful surprise to see this burst of blooms on a regular old chain link fence...forget the big dirt pile...check this I ran over to see it close up...crocheted...I LOVE it!

So we left this magical moment and walked across the last of the three bridges to get to the Little Man. This bridge suspends over the highway and connects downtown with North Highlands...Denver is a wonderful place to live, it is so very pedestrian friendly...and especially nice to go for ice cream on a beautiful sunny day!
view of Highlands Bridge from Riverfront Park Bridge

Coming back...

View of the Millenium Bridge which crosses over the railway
view walking back towards home

So after our walk and chocolate-orange gelato, I went right to my computer to see what the heck this yarn thing was all about...
they may term it as graffiti...
I can only see it as beauty... in each and every stitch!

for more information:

From the Ladies:

The Central Platte Valley Fence Project is a continuation of the exploration of scale and juxtaposition with the background upon which the work is placed. The concept of this piece is a wildflower garden, with crocheted pieces of around 6” to 12” in diameter dotting the fence and humming with leaves, bees, butterflies, and other garden inhabitants.

Colorado draws people from all over the world with its inspiring mountains and never-ending skies, with Denver as the cultural focal point. This installation celebrates that wild beauty through a sort of nostalgic delight: evoking feelings like the granny squares your nana crocheted, cookies baking in the oven, smocked dresses on little girls; simpler times.

and still more information:

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  1. How fun to read your blog and see the photos you took of the yarnbombing! That was a great find. Thanks for sharing the story.


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